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Play, play, play—that is all this series is about. For example, this first image is a reflection in the asphalt of my family and I under an umbrella, one rainy afternoon in Kyoto. The colored lights images in this series came from some holiday lights reflecting off of an Airstream trailer in this incredible way. The images of the curves and ripple of fabric came from a flower girl dress my daughter wore in a wedding. It was hanging against the sliding glass door in my bedroom, and while I was reading on a mat on my floor I just happened to look up, and well, that is what I saw. Other images came from my playing with the shutter speed in my garden during the late evening. Mainly to achieve these images I played with the settings on my camera.
Reflected in the PavementWatery LiliesBeautiful Pacific Ocean--AbstractNightfall in the Rose GardenThrough the TreesLines in the SandLines in the SandLines in the SandHoliday Lights 2--abstractHoliday Lights 1--abstractReflections of an AirstreamGolden HourAutumn LightsCurves in ShadowMeshSquare Landscape AbstractedGrace in Folds IGrace in Folds IIGrace in Folds IIIGrace in Folds IV