its me Alaaaaan(non-registered)
I think A Double-Decker Speeding Along is the best photo of them all.
Susie Allen(non-registered)
Anita, Your work is really stunning! I'm so glad we have reconnected. I will enjoy checking your website often.
Axel Springer(non-registered)
Hola Anita, el álbum es super. Desde Hawaii con su "árbol-arcoiris" hasta el manejo sutil de la luz en "bodies of light". Congrats !!!!
Erin Levin(non-registered)
Anita~ Your photos are just gorgeous. The beauty of nature is so apparent in your vision. I also love the variety of textures and colors which really makes the collection so interesting. Just amazing!!! Miss you, amiga. xoxo
Que gusto me da ver tu crecimiento como fotografa, tus imagenes de Yosemite muestran sensibilidad para ver lo que otros no ven; admiración por la naturaleza, desde lo mas pequeño hasta lo mas inmenso y esa necesaria interacción con el ambiente a la espera del momento exacto para captar el paso del tiempo (ese copo de nieve ya no existe mas) y dejaro impreso para siempre.

Es un placer para mi compartir estos viajes contigo.

Con admiracion, Sebastian
Lisa Griffin(non-registered)
Wow wow wow. I LOVE THESE. You really must exhibit these!!! So many wonderful and chills-inspiring images - literally. The scale and absolute awesomeness of Yosemite shines through with your view and choice of sharp or blurred, colorful or stark lenses. Awestruck. I want to order some of these.
joe bologna(non-registered)
Anita, I 'shutter 'to think of how you had time to pursue your degree, tend to family and develop a body of photo graphic art work during the past 4 years!!

Dave Markman(non-registered)
Anita, your work is wonderful, insightful and full of life.
Patrick Connolly(non-registered)
Finally got around to checking your stuff - top shelf. Thanks for sharing :))
Lisa Griffin(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning and intriguing - the layers of color, mood, and your specificity in honing our eye to the focal point - please make this a book. So amazingly gorgeous.
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