Heather Davison(non-registered)
Wow! I had the travel bug BEFORE I saw these. Now it is uncontrollable. Such beauty. Thank you for capturing it and sharing. What a gift.
Enrique López(non-registered)
Hermosas las fotos de Croacia. Felicidades!
Enrique López(non-registered)
Muy hermosas las fotografías de las flores. Felicidades!
Davi Grossman(non-registered)
Dear Anita:

These photos are lovely. I adore them. You have captured a beauty in my aging that I do not see when I look in a mirror. It is revitalizing.

I have to say, however, that your photo series is absolutely stunning. You reveal each woman so intimately, I feel as if I know each of them. This is a remarkable achievement. I am so honored to have been included in this merry band!

Profound congratulation is not a strong enough sentiment to describe what you have created: a love letter not only to your mother but to womankind.

I love you and your extraordinary, beautiful, bountiful heart.

Que buena seria de fotos Ani! El que ve tus fotos capta la personalidad de cada una de las mujeres retratadas, una fotografia de lo escencial de cada una.

Pablo Frias(non-registered)
Felicitaciones Anita que lindo trabajo! Abrazo!
Enrique López(non-registered)
Excelentes fotografías. Felicidades por tu capacidad.
Joel Edelmann
Anita, you are such a gifted artist! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
Heather Davison(non-registered)
So delighted by your work, Anita. Your photos are stunning, and the most recent portraits of women series really touches the heart. You capture an essence of each of these women just beautifully. Thank you!
Beth Jensen-Warner
Thank you Anita for including me in this project of healing and grief. I do admire your work and love getting to know you!
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